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Shaina Cohen

Shaina CohenShaina’s debut bookThe Runaway Pizza and Other Fun Kid Stories by a Kid is quickly proving to be the perfect storybook for children of all reading levels! As a kid herself, Shaina only wants to entertain and encourage the development of her peers. Shaina would like her audience to be fully aware of her goal as a children’s author and encourages her audience to remember, “although some of the stories may seem not to make sense, the ideas come from a young creative mind.” Shaina hopes to one day become a marine biologist, but for now is concentrated on her education and her writing.

Adla Hannon

Adla HannonThe late Adla Hannon is not only an author but a grandmother as well as a musician. Adla’s experience as a nurse on the front lines of WWII allowed her to publish her amazing true story Adventures of a World War II Army Nurse. Her novel is captivating and amazing as it is a firsthand account of the brutality and hardships of one of our world’s most devastating wars. It’s through her experiences that she matures and gains a full understanding of our small world.

Her skills as a well-rounded author are evident in her children’s book, Christmas in Kangaroo Land, as it exists is stark contrast to her first novel. Whatever the case, Adla and her stories and music will be missed. We hope that you find the same joy in her stories as so many before you.

Rebekah Cohen

Rebekah CohenRebekah’s first novel Abnora’s Quest stems from her endless imagination. While writing her book, she managed to take 1st place in a statewide karate championship tournament. Rebekah’s skills as a karate champion transcend her daily life as well as her writing. She has learned dedication, determination, and discipline as an author thanks to her studies of the martial arts.

Her fun-filled novel for children ages 9-12 is the perfect tool to excite and encourage the imagination of her audience. Rebekah hopes that her writing inspires others to write and express themselves on a daily basis, and wishes only the best to all of her readers.

Lauren Santanillo

Lauren SantanielloLauren Santaniello is a Literature major at Ramapo College of New Jersey and a true lover of the written word. Every since she was a little girl she loved listening to stories and telling her own to friends. However, reading did not always come easy to her. Lauren was diagnosed with Dyslexia when she was in the fourth grade and struggled to keep up with her classmates for many years. Yet, after much help from her parents and spending endless hours with reading specialists, Lauren was able to overcome her disability and excel in school.

Now an active member in her college’s Literature Honor Society and an unfailing addition to the Dean’s List, Lauren has come far from her days as a struggling student.

Death of Ignorance will be Lauren’s first published novel, although many of her short stories and poems have been published in school literary magazines throughout the years. She has long hoped to one day be given the opportunity to share her larger works with the world so that she many inspire others with her words and help imaginations soar, in which Stories To Tale has given her that opportunity.

Lauren fervently promotes reading and hopes that her book may not only entertain, but encourage others to continue reading for the rest of their lives.