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Abnora's Quest


One would not expect Abnora’s Quest, a charming tale of a princess’ journey to become queen, to have been written by Rebekah Cohen at age 9
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Adventures of a World War II Army Nurse


Sarah's story is an awe-inspiring tale of first-hand accounts of the reality of war and its effects on society.
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Christmas In Kangaroo Land


Written by the late Adla M. Hannon and illustrated by her surviving son Mark Hannon, Christmas in Kangaroo Land is not your run-of-the-mill Christmas story.
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Death of Ignorance


fter witnessing the grisly murder of his father, Alex Sharrock renounced religion and forsook God
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The Runaway Pizza and Other Fun Kid Stories by a Kid!


Every story in this magically comical collection was written by Shaina Z. Cohen. As a kid, she knows what kids want to read. From The Runaway Pizza to the zaniest of poems.
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